This website features a human powered recumbent trike journey along the western coast of the United States, from Florence, Oregon to Atascadero, California, a distance of 875 miles along the Pacific Coast of the United States. The story, photographs, and movies  appear on this website. Click the Day by Day button in the menubar (above right) for a drop-down menu containing all 19 days, where you may read that day’s story and view all the photographs for the day. Click HERE to view the Movies. If you wish to just read about the journey, without all the photos, click on The Tale button for a text page. The 929 photos appear on The Photos page. A 25 minute and 30 second musical media presentation of the entire ride appears below, and also on the Movies page. Thank you for visiting – enjoy the adventure!

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Riders: David Massey, Matt Jensen, and steve greene

Human Powered Vehicles: Azub TriCon tricycle, Surly Long Haul Trucker bicycle, ICE Qnt tricycle

Departure Date: September 03, 2013

Departure Point: Florence, Oregon

Destination Point: Atascadero, California

Distance: 875 miles (1408 kilometers)

Overnights: Hiker/Biker tent camps at coastal campgrounds 

Periodic Updates: Provided by former 2009 DVTE correspondent Desert Dune on the “Progress” page of this website, and rider David Massey on his personal website called Good News Only.

PCTA Epic Movie:

The final epic movie of the PCTA – Music & song by Rob Kimball of San Luis Obispo, California


Adventurer steve: 62 years old, pedaled 875 miles from Florence, Oregon to Atascadero, California in 19 days. Steve is the publisher of Trike Asylum, and author of several books.

Adventurer David: 63 years old, pedaled from Coos Bay, Oregon to Arcata, in northern California in 5 days. David is a high school computer and art teacher. Visit his watercolor painting website to view some of his artwork.

Adventurer Matt: 44 years old, pedaled 57 miles to Charleston, Oregon. Matt is a free spirit, living in the present moment, pedaling one of his human-powered cycles much of the time.

PCTA (30)Steve Greene and David Massey get ready to pedal south from Charleston. ICE and Azub trikes sit poised at Bastendorff County Park the morning of Day Two. Photo by Matt Jensen.

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A short set of clips captured by David Massey during the Oregon portion of the PCTA:

PCTA (234)Azub and ICE trikes on the road in southern Oregon

* * *

Here is a Beach Boys tribute to the Pacific Coast route: